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Mentoring programs


Heroes United Hockey

Become A Mentor

It’s easy to become a mentor! You can make a difference in a child's life by offering a listening ear, helping them finish a craft, tossing a baseball, or teaching in one of our programs.

Even if you don't know anything about hockey or tie-dying eggs, there is a spot for you on our team. We need van drivers, crowd control personnel, snack distributors, game supervisors, and more! Click on the button below to send us a message and receive information about how you can be part of bringing hope to Las Vegas.

Heroes United Hockey is a free hockey development program for underprivileged youth in our city.


Currently, we have two teams of 25 students each from the Lake Mead and Jones area who receive bi-weekly coaching from the Las Vegas Knights Police Hockey team and Liberty's Hope volunteers for the hockey and character development program.


These young people, who had never held a hockey stick prior to joining our teams, are now outfitted with their own gear and have learned to skate, shoot, and score. Prior to joining HUH, they’d never met a professional athlete or attended a professional sports game. Now, thanks to our incredible donors, these young people have met Golden Knights players, attended Knights games, wear Knights jerseys, and have become some of the biggest Las Vegas Golden Knights fans in town.

It costs us roughly $50,000 yearly to operate the Heroes United Hockey program, which includes meals, drinks, transportation, ice time, and equipment - all provided free of charge to our participants.


Liberty Kid's Clubs

Our volunteers meet every Saturday morning with young people from ages 3-18 in local apartment complexes for a time of games, sports, snacks, and character building lessons and instruction. Liberty Kid's Clubs also take field trips throughout the year to Mt. Charleston, the Nellis Air Show, and other local activities. At Christmas and Easter, our clubs celebrate the holidays with special events - we tie dye eggs, go sledding, roast marshmallows, and everyone receives Christmas presents.

Liberty Kids Clubs reach our neighborhood youth

where they are at.


We meet their parents, learn the names of their siblings, and offer them an outlet for sharing their lives with us. Our volunteers are able to bring hope to underprivileged families through knowing the ins and outs of their lives. We've been able to deliver meals and clothing, provide transportation, and offer other services in these complexes and know about the needs because of the relationships our volunteers have forged.

Liberty's Kids Clubs operate on a $10,000 yearly budget. This includes weekly snacks, transportation for events, game and craft supplies, and purchasing of gifts each Christmas.



After School Programs

Our after school programs are the newest addition to the Liberty's Hope youth programs.


These programs function in a similar fashion as our

Kid's Clubs, but take place inside our local schools

after their normal classes have been completed.


We are currently active in two elementary schools and one high school. Soon, we hope to add another program to our after school offerings with a program for music instruction and beginner guitar lessons.

Because transportation and facility costs are not a factor, our after school programs operate on a minimal budget of just $2,000 yearly for snacks and supplies.


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